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Sports Medicine

Excessive heat advisory issued for much of state

The National Weather Service in Jackson has issued an excessive heat warning for much of the state which will remain in effect until 7 PM Monday. The temperature will peak from 99 to 102 degrees with heat index values from near 110 to 120 degrees through Monday afternoon. The impact of excessive heat is an increased risk of heat-related illnesses, …

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MHSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC) Meeting

Mississippi SMAC Report: I.    Practice Limitations (Full Contact) for the Sport of Football        Decision by the advisory board was to take no action at this time, but to continue to evaluate the        recommendations of the NFHS and other states regulations, and to survey participating schools to        determine current levels of …

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NFHS SMAC Position Statements

Recommendations and Guidelines for Minimizing Head Impact Exposure and Concussion Risk in Football NFHS Guidelines On Handling Practices And Contests During Lightning Or Thunder Disturbances Position Statement And Recommendations For Mouthguard Use In Sports Position Statement And Recomendations For The Use Of Energy Drinks By Young Athletes Position Statement And Recommendations For Maintaining Hydration To Optimize Performance And Minimize The …

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NCSS First Aide Prepare course offered

All MHSAA existing high school/middle school coaches (para-professionals, volunteers, assistants, and head coaches) will be required to complete a sports first-aid and safety course by August 1, 2015 (one year to complete). All new coaches (new to profession) and/or para-professionals are required to complete a first-aid safety course by August 31, 2014. The NCSS PREPARE course is the MHSAA preferred …

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The 14-Day Heat Acclimatization Period

These guidelines, on the recommendation of the MHSAA SMAC, were approved by the MHSAA Executive Board, and they will be enforced beginning the 2014 – 2015 school year. The 14-Day Heat Acclimatization Period The heat-acclimatization period is defined as the initial 14 consecutive days of preseason practice for all student athletes. The goal of the acclimatization period is to increase …

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