Important News

Important Information for 2015 State Concert Band Evaluation

Due to the unusual weather situation in the northern half of the state, the MBA Executive Board and the MHSAA have decided to allow bands to play two pieces at state concert evaluations. Please read statement below from the MHSAA:

After extensive conversations with band directors statewide, the MS Bandmasters Executive Committee, who advise the MHSAA on all matters related to our band programs, have made the following recommendations to the MHSAA for the Spring 2015 Concert Evaluation:


• That all schools throughout the state have the choice of playing 2 or 3 selections
• If choosing to play 2, one must be from the required list
• That judges would be advised accordingly, with no penalty for playing only two selections


This recommendation is based primarily on the weather conditions from Jackson to the TN line.  Many of our schools have been out more than 2 weeks, and half days do not include band classes.  This is not a precedent for our State, as we have had hurricanes and tornadoes, which have precipitated adjustments that have benefitted our hardworking students.  We anticipate more inclement weather and do not want our band directors and students to be placed at a disadvantage due only to geography.  The MHSAA wishes success to all our band directors and students.

We will also make sure the adjudicators are fully aware of our situation regarding weather.  We realize the weather hasn’t affected everyone, but to make this fair we have opened this up to all participating bands. Please note that you MUST play your required piece.  Also, please help us spread the word to any director that is not subscribed to this list as we will not have time to send a written letter out. We will post this on our website as well.  We hope this will ease some tensions with preparations for festival.  Please email or call if you have any questions regarding this or anything festival related. We are here to serve you!

Also, don’t forget to order your scores asap.



Sid McNeil
Assistant Principal-Olive Branch High School